Sunday, November 18, 2012


Please sign and share these petitions to help give these animals a voice.  Help us stop dog fighting and the use of bait dogs worldwide.  As new petitions are found or created, we will be posting them for you.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Federal Anti-dog Fighting Intervention to Sever Gang Activity Funding & Vice

Dog fighting: stop dog fighting violence, care for dogs who are abused in fights

Revive John Kerry's Federal Dog Fighting Bill-dog fighting national epidemic and serious

PETITION: Support HR 2492-Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act

Remember Nathan and Contact Ft Worth Mayor and City Council to End Dog Fighting !

Stop Illegal Dog Fighting!

Stop Dog Fighting Now

Stop Dog Fighting in Beijing!

Stop Dog Fighting

Support Tougher Dogfighting Laws!

Stop Dogfighting in California: Make it a Felony to Be a Dogfight Spectator

Help Stop Dog Fighting



  1. Signed each one! Everyone needs to. This is a heinous crime against all animals.

  2. Signed all petitions still open!

  3. Signed all petitions open! This is a terrible crime!

  4. Only sick people enjoy this kind of torture.

  5. We need STRONG laws The current weak ones are a joke Animal control officers have to catch a fight in ridiculous Having the evidence is more then enough Judges can't let the offenders off with a plea bargain or slap on the wrist Instill HIGH fines and use the money to provide health care for the rescued dogs

  6. One has to wonder about the mentality of people that put dogs in such dangerous situations. I think they might not do so if they were put in ring and fight to death.

  7. I can't understand what kind of low life could do this or watch this torture and murder of these innocent victims. Dogs are so loyal and loving and for them to have to endure this makes me mad and sick to my stomach. The laws need to get TOUGH against these people and not let them get away with it, a strong message needs to be sent that this will not be allowed and you will do jail time and pay a hefty fine. I'm sure none of them pay anything on the money they take in at the expense of these animals. Put an end to this, I know I will keep speaking up for these wonderful animals, they are NOT disposable.

  8. I agree entirely with Anonymous dec17th. dogs are our friends rhey'll do anything we ask them to do. it breaks my heart to know that individuals can be this cruel

  9. esto es aberrante porque nosotros animamos la salvajada en pleno siglo si el amor deve ser lo que mueva el mundo sin maltrato aninmal

  10. If i ever found out where these dog fighters live, i would get a ton of rats and go there!
    it would work out like this:

    Dogfighter:oh my god, look at all the rats!
    Me:yes! look at the rats, we've come to see you!
    Me:they'll do anything i tell them!
    Dogfighter:well tell them to get the hell outta my crappy house!
    Me:sit down.
    Dogfighter:now you listen to me Willard...
    Me:SIT DOWN!

    And he would sit down.

    Dogfighter:what the hells wrong with you?
    Me:dogfighter, you stole dogs from peoples backyards, you kill them if they dont win!
    Dogfighter:yeah we do that....
    Me:you never left those dogs alone for a minute, you made a fool of them in front of everybody, and
    you also beat and torture if them if they dont win.
    Dogfighting:yeah, so?
    Me:your, too much of a pussy to get into the ring yourself, you scared sonofabitch!

    The Dogfighter would get up and run, but my rat friends would chase him to the basement where they'res
    no escape.

    and i would stand at the top of the stairs and watch as they attack him!

    i would say:

    Me:what's the matter tiger? afraid of a little blood?!
    Me:tear him up!

    And they would burrow into his neck and rip his heart out, see what it's like to be attacked coward!

    God i wish i could do this, it would be so awesome!

    like really dogfighters, think you can abuse dogs and i wasnt gonna do anyhting about it?
    you mess with those dogs, i mess with you!

    put them in a storage cage in the high school gym and burn them alive with firecrackers!

    oh, it looks like your stuck in here, unless someone lets you out, but who would do that?
    who would help out a loser like you?

    and i'd throw in the last firecracker.

    and now, for the grande finale!

    snap snap snap, burn burn burn!


  11. Please let me introduce to you "oggy Petitions" where you will find 122 Petitions against dogfighting!!!!hundekmpfe--dog-fighting/c1uo0
    Thank you to everyone who is speaking out for our belove furnoses who are suffering through some evil man!!! Only if you have rescue a fighting dog you will really understand how very much they suffer....
    Like my "Baby" Balou, Stafford Terrier, he was used as bait as a puppy in Germany :-(
    Now is is 8 years old and he is my loyal friend through all life was giving to us .-)


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